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10 Tips and Tricks for your wedding

Getting married can be fun but can also seem like a mammoth task every now and then in the run up to the D Day. The event of your lifetime will most likely not go without hiccups but its all about how you sail through to live your happily ever after! 

1 . Plan: Planning is key to great execution. Whether you outsource the event preparations to a wedding planner or choose to run the show independently end to end, planning will stand in good stead. Plan each event schedule, your attire as well as those of your nearest ones. Pack according to each plan and prepare in tandem for the final sequence of events.

2. Extras: When planning event favors or return gifts or even the shagun for handing out after specific rituals, keep a few extras in hand. These extras are super handy because you want to be sure two is a company but three is never a crowd!

3. Shop in advance: Don’t leave the shopping rounds until the last week. Start in advance and make time for hitting the stores (shop online if you’re on a tight schedule!) Keep a checklist handy to stay focused amidst those attractive aisles in stores. 

4. Essentials: Keep a pouch of basic essentials packed and handy for the final day. Whether you’re the bride or the groom, there are a few basic things which might be needed in the last minute and you wouldn’t want to run around, putting your months of shopping to shame if the basics are not covered. A small handbag containing safety pins, wet wipes, mouth fresheners, sewing kit (tiny one) and basic medicines is a must for the bag that carries your wedding day outfit. 

5. Research: When weighing options for your venue, decorator, caterer et al; exercise caution. Carefully plot the pros and cons until you’re sure of what you’re picking. References from reliable relatives and friends are key for this step to ensure that your choice doesn’t take you astray.  

6. Start Early: Begin your beauty regimen (even if you’re the groom) early on. You want to look bright and cheerful so instead of hiding those dark circles under cakes of makeup, eat healthy and pick the basic face packs and pedicure sets and get started! 

7. Visit the salon: This one’s for brides only. Once you’ve chosen your salon right and got the best deal for the lady doing your hair, make up and draping your outfit; choose to visit the salon yourself. Those few hours before the event, you’d want to step away from the crowd and get some peace and quiet, instead of aunties knocking to come in for a brief look and bringing in bucket loads of advice for free! 

8. Letters of love: You’re marrying the love of your life and you’ve each got your fair share of love letters, now its time for the love to spill over a little too. Write letters of love for each other and each of your family members / dear ones, a little ahead of the wedding. These notes will make your loved ones feel the warmth and will serve as good memoirs of the wedding for years to come! 

9. Something Special: Firecrackers after the pheras or a warmly lit chaddar for the bride’s entry towards the mandap are special preparations which can make the air ethereal and give the crowd a good, cheery, celebratory feel! 

10. Farewell: If you’re from the groom’s side, you can go an extra mile to make the vidayi walk a little fun and ease the tears that will rain down the bride’s face as she bids adieu to her parents and siblings. A group of friends singing merry songs can make the otherwise lull, a little cheery for all around.

Weddings are fun and a memory to last forever, not just for the bride and groom but for all those in attendance for their perfect day! 




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