What is Shaadilogy?

A Marketplace for Everything Wedding : A Self Portrait

Shaadilogy is about Everything Wedding. We are ‘Partners to Life Partners’, in their quest to make their wedding a memorable occasion, filled with fun, celebration and indulgence.

We believe that preparing for a wedding should be enjoyable and stress-free and we understand the demands this momentous occasion puts on the couple, their loved ones and friends. Shaadilogy simplifies the wedding shopping and management process with a variety of tools and inputs, which make the process an experience of fun, anticipation, indulgence and romance. It enables the to-be-wed couple, their relatives and friends to indulge in the full range of emotions attached to this occasion while helping them deal with the practical aspects in a hassle free manner.

How is Shaadilogy a Partner to Life Partners and about Everything Wedding?

Shaadilogy is a portal that brings together India’s best curated online wedding shopping experience, a gift registry and a wedding management app that will enable couples to celebrate their vows without any woes. Since shopping is such an integral part of any wedding, Shaadilogy places great emphasis on making this experience unique. So whether you are looking for wedding gifts and hampers, shopping for your own wedding or trousseau, or simply preparing for the wedding of a loved one, Shaadilogy has you covered with a seamless shopping experience.

We strive to provide excellent customer service, and a dedicated concierge desk to assist with all your wedding related requirements. If you have any questions regarding products or services related to weddings, simply reach out to us, and we will be happy to help!

The Shaadilogy experience includes :

A.India’s best curated online Wedding Shopping Experience : Wedding Fashion at its best!

Our niche, carefully curated Wedding Store features the latest in wedding fashion from some of India’s leading designers. In addition to designer apparel and accessories, we have an extensive gifting section, and of course, products from the Shaadilogy Wedding Store can be seamlessly added to your Gift Registry.

Shopping on our online Wedding Store is no ordinary experience; the products are curated by a team of experts into occasion and theme based Closets to help you find what you need easily. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit for a brunch at your best friend’s beach wedding, or shopping for your own trousseau, Shaadilogy has you covered.

B.Gift Registry

How many times have you wondered what you should gift your friend at his or her wedding? You have asked people for ideas, checked Pinterest, and even consulted Google. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what your friend wanted? This is where the Shaadilogy Gift Registry comes in.

To-be-wed couples can create their personal Gift List, which they can share with a closed group of friends and family. Products from the Shaadilogy Wedding Store can be added to the registry seamlessly, and URLs from third party websites can also be posted for products that are not available on Shaadilogy. Once someone purchases a product (anonymously, if they so desire), the link will fade out, indicating that the product has already been purchased. No more unwanted, duplicate gifts for the couple, and no more stressing about what you should gift the couple!

C.The Shaadilogy Event App

Shaadilogy Event is the ultimate App to assist you, your family and your event planners in managing your wedding in a fun, hassle-free manner.

Share ceremony details, save arrival and departure information for outstation guests, and send messages to your guests. Your friends can capture and upload special moments from the wedding, and share them on the gallery for others to view. This free App is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Shaadilogy Event can be customized with additional features and a user interface, designed exclusively for you, as per your requirements.

D.Shaadi Blogs

Trends change, styles come and go. New ideas are always on the horizon. Shaadilogy’s blogs and guides feature updated information and recommendations to help you shop and prepare for the perfect wedding.

E. Designer Concierge

The Shaadilogy designer concierge helps you make appointments with leading designers across India. Take customized bespoke shopping to the next level with this unique feature.