10 Healthy Foods to Eat Before Your Wedding

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Eating healthy food before your wedding plays a key role in keeping your complexion right, your energy levels high and your system running strong. No amount of cosmetic changes and makeup can substitute the role of healthy foods, that you can consume and bring about that bridal glow from within. Your diet plan must be on the top of your wedding planning to-do list

  1. Amla: This super fruit adds strength to your immune system and improves metabolism with its high fiber content. It’ll keep your digestive tract clean and adds sheen your tresses.


  2. Fibrous Food: Spinach, flax seeds and other foods, that are high in fiber content should be chosen over other ingredients which might weight your tract down. Keeping your system healthy will go a long way in keeping that facial glow on and staying at the top of your spirits without feeling lethargic!

  3. Milk and milk products: You should ideally choose the low fat/skimmed milk variants when picking the right ingredients for your wedding diet, but milk and milk products in general are a very high sources of the much needed protein at this time.


  4. Fruits: This one’s a little obvious but the key is to consume as many raw fruits as you can. A good mix of fruits plays a good role in keeping your immunity high at a time when you’re exposed to a slightly stressed and constantly changing lifestyle. Fruits also help to keep your skin clear and glowing.


  5. Salads: If fruits comprise your breakfast menu, choose salads as the day progresses further. Leafy vegetables should top the salad and avoid those fatty dressings to cheat through the salad bowl to make sure that your wedding diet goes right!


  6. Dry Fruits: Anxiety can lead to hunger pangs for quite a few people. This is precisely the moment when the wedding diet is key. Every time you crave a bag of chips, choose the healthier variants of munchies: dry fruits. They can be roasted, raw, salted. They’ll keep your cravings at bay and your tummy full at all times.

    Dry Fruits

  7. Almonds: This blessing from the dry fruits’ family gets a special mention in the wedding diet because ideally it should be soaked overnight and consumed first thing in the morning. This age old method of consuming almonds ensures that you reap most benefits from almonds everyday.

  8. Green Tea: A well known magic trick by now, a green tea bag comes with a sack full of benefits in terms of offering more power to the immune system, metabolism, eyesight and more. It’s the right kind of wedding help that you’re looking for.

    Green Tea

  9. Aloe Vera: When consumed as a natural drink or in the form of jelly in pureed drinks, aloe vera acts as a cleansing agent and repairs damages cells. Natural nutrients add shine and sheen to the hair too.

    Aloe Vera

  10. Water: This no-brainer goes a long way in keeping lethargy in check, energy levels high and keeping your body healthy overall by virtue of being duly hydrated. Over consumption of water leads to retention in some cases which leads to an uncomfortable feeling of being bloated.

The right mix of the right foods can ensure long term benefits over a period of time but also meet your marriage goals. If you remember to eat the right mix of food before your wedding, it is sure to keep your appearance bright and nice!