10 Jewelry pieces that speak of Passion

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Decking up for a fun evening involves more than just the dress you put on. Jewelry and ornaments go hand in hand and speak volumes of who you are as a person. If you’d like to go the extra mile, you could also choose to include a few statement pieces in your collection that denote your passion, your zeal and add to your aura.

Here are some handpicked items off our list that you can add to yours!

Origami Cage Earring: The pieces within the cage tell a story for the crafty kinds and can suit well for a showcasing event for an artist, for example.
Origami Cage Earring

Colored stone Tikra Hasli: Another statement piece by Vasundhara, available on our Wedding store, is this neckpiece for those who like to mix a few bold moves with the traditional touch.
Coloured Stone Tikra hasli

Kundan Earring: Kundan pieces convey as much convention as they do impetuous passion. This exquisite earring is a signature Kundan style twisted for fun to match your quirks perfectly.
Kundan Earring

Triangle Necklace: If geometric patterns interest you, this neckpiece will pair perfectly with your single tone dress for a fun evening as the studs shine through the piece every now and then!
Triangle Necklace

Circular Setting Earring: These delicate earrings by Vasundhara offer the right amount of volume aligning well with your tresses and offering a soft dainty touch to your attire.
Circular Setting Earring

Trendy and Fashionable Matchstick Necklace: The work on this neckpiece matches the traditional handicraft but is styled different to make you stand out amidst those typical necklaces clasped by habit.
Trendy and Fashionable Matchstick Necklace

Butterfly Earring: At its daintiest best, this earring will pair perfectly with a dress by the beach as you sip your favorite drink and stir up your thoughts for your most beautiful work.
Butterfly Earring

Bug Ring: The Bug Ring is an offbeat piece for those looking to pose differently in a social gathering. You’ll have a few eyes rolling and a few glances as people turn to check if they saw what they thought they saw!
Bug Ring

3 Paisley Earring: Zircons and pearls adorning the centerpiece, the earring will shine bright as you dress up for a mehendi or haldi ceremony in a close gathering.
3 Paisley Earring

Kundan Flower Nosering: This Kundan piece with a small bunch of pearls and a single kundan drop adds poise to your charm. For the traditional look, a nosering completes your picture-perfect look!
Kundan Flower Nosering

Choose your jewelry collection with care and add to it as deftly as you do those dresses and scarves!