When you invite, make it right! 4 Tips to embellish the Wedding Invite

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Invitations to the wedding, mark the first milestone of bringing your world together for the celebration of a lifetime. Surely and truly, that deserves its fair bit of decadence. 

This wedding season as you share the announcements, use some unique ideas for wedding favours and make the invite as memorable as the wedding itself.

  • Polaroid Films : Tuck in a crisp, white polaroid photo film with the invitation cards. These quick snap tools can make those dull reception portraits fun with the quote / message that each guest pens out for your perfect picture with them!

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  • Message in a Bottle : Another way to collect messages from the guests is to share small scrolls of paper along with the invite. Guests can bring it back on the day of the event and having written their messages for the newly married couple they drop it off in a jar that collects some quirky, kinky messages as well as some worldly advice and blessings. These are as reminiscent as the wedding pictures and videos which the family and close ones enjoy for days after the ceremonies are over. These are perfect for a Beach Wedding or as a Save the Date. 

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  • Invite framed right : Instead of sealing the crisp invitation card in a typical cream and gold envelope and then handing these out with chocolates and dry fruits, invest in a bright picture frame. These intricately designed frames hold the invites neatly, look chic and shine bright in the right corners! Moreover, the guests can reuse the frames to adorn their living room walls for years to come, as they recall your family’s fabulous event.

Framed Invites
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  • Twisted traditionals : Over the years, people have increasingly shared almonds, sugar cubes and chocolates with their wedding cards. If you don’t want to go far from this beaten track, the different yet traditional option is to gift a fragrent candle. They’re cherished longer and a sweet memory is sure to follow!

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