Six things every bride must pack in her essential Wedding Day beauty kit!

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The day you have been dreaming of, is FINALLY here! The excitement has reached its climax, friends and family from all over the world have come together for your great shaadi and everything is just perfect. Weddings are heavy on the bride, especially with the amount of clothes and jewelry on, the smiling, the posing, keeping everything in place- it can be quite stressful! Also- you absolutely must look your very best in every picture and that is exactly why we mustn’t ever let the stress lines show and let makeup come to the rescue! Here are 6 essential items that must feature in every bride’s wedding beauty kit, for that glowy feeling ALL DAY!

1. A good kajal and mascara

The eyes are the most expressive feature in any face and that’s why special care must be taken to keep them look dashing as ever. A kajal can double up as eyeliner for that smooth touch, but provided you get a smooth sailing one with jet black at its base. Black and golden are the two essentials, since they go with practically every wedding outfit on the planet. Also, a luscious mascara that makes them eyelashes pop is also a serious yes!

2. Matte Red Lipstick

The reason we recommend matte is because it stays on for longer and light doesn’t bounce off them in pictures. If you are into gloss, carry a separate gloss with you, but a matte as base works just as well. Also make sure it the “non transfer” kind, you don’t wanna get lipstick stains on water glasses or even kisses to your loved ones! Find your red and hold on to it.

3. A makeup blender sponge and a light shade compact

Lightly powdered skin always looks better in pics, rather than darker shades. Another thing, the blending of makeup is pretty important too! Get a sponge blender and a shade of compact that is one shade lighter than your skin color. That way, you are guaranteed good pics. Remember this is in no way stating that darker skin is bad at all!

4. A bunch of wet wipes

Weddings are crazy and you don’t know where the time flies! Just to splash some cold water on your face can make a world of a difference in energy levels! But you cannot and absolutely MUST not harm your makeup, so get wet wipes instead. Dab your face and feel refreshed in seconds! Trust me, they’ll keep your spirits up!

5. A nude lip liner

Courtesy the tons of smiling and talking, lipstick is gonna leave its boundaries and go a little here and there. A nude lip liner takes care of these small nicks without letting them spread wider. Also since the shade is nude, it blends well into the foundation color too, two birds with one stone. Keep this handy for the niggling lipstick issues

6. Gold shimmer

Use these everywhere for that extra “sparkle” factor! Apply them as eyeshadow, on your checks, necks, hands – wherever you may please! This multipurpose shimmer can also coverup blotches and give instant pick-me-up in seconds. Plus- a little shimmer never hurt no body!