Culture of Color

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Colors make every occasion bright and a marriage can surely be a riot of colors of a unique kind. If you want to keep the theme uniform and subtly tie all the events together in a common thread, choosing your preferential colors can be a fun way to do so! 

Saffron and Gold: These bright shades add a vivid tinge to the events flow. The sacred colors are easy to incorporate in the wedding rituals and the background theme for the events can stand out with the basic marigold shades itself! Subtle gold dust in place of bright patches of gold would portray an elegantcharm. 

Saffron and Gold 

Peacock range: Starting from the blue to the green in the peacock feathers, this range of colors can make an interesting pantone for the wedding brigade. The groom reserves the blue and the bride takes to the green fondly. The events’ background decor can be easily integrated with this and of course the apt peacock image lends an interesting theme to the gift items also. 

Peacock Range
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Mandala colours: If you would not want to restrict the spectrum for your events, adopt the mandala designs and colors. The mandala designs are easy to fit into your jewellery, mehendi and rangoli ideas. Further, this does not restrict your color choice to just a couple of shades. You can explore higher levels of creativity with this wherein your lights can also cast a mandala design on the mandap.

Mandala Colors
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Mandala Decor
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Yellow: This summer shade from the rainbow range offers a well balanced tone: from covering the bright aspects to offering a subtle shade in its lighter contrast. What’s best about keeping a yellow theme for your events is that the color canstand tall by itself and will be bright to apply to all your decor, apparel and return gifts too!


Your theme colors can make a huge difference to your event. They can lend a bright shade while at the same time coincidentally incorporated colors might just make your photo shoots dull. 

Choose bright, choose right!