How to plan for your own wedding?

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A wedding is an event of your lifetime. Memories are made in a jiffy but cherished for the rest of your life. You’d want a picture perfect wedding before you embark on your journey into your happily ever after story.

Lists, lists and lists

Make Wedding Lists

Make a list, keep the list, follow the list. Don’t scribble on bits of paper that you may leave around without keeping to it. There will be loads of things to do, gifts to buy, preparations to make, shopping to tick off whether you’re the bride or the groom. In order to keep your calm and not duplicate efforts, lists reign supreme.


Co-ordinate For Your Wedding

A wedding is a family affair. It involves a lot of people as they come together to celebrate the union of the bride and the groom. In the absence of coordination, crucial parts of the event are missed and what results is significant chaos. Coordinate with both your families, your friends and most importantly, with each other.

Stay Healthy 

Wedding Diet Planning

Do what it takes for you to stay healthy. It's best if your route to fitness and good health coincides with your hobby. It could be a sport or a diet plan or even the act of meditation. Contrary to popular belief staying healthy is beyond just looking slim and fit. It also encompasses matters of the mind and inner peace which sharply reflects on your face as you step foot into the new chapter of your life.

Special token of Love

Wedding token of Love

Share your growing love with those you cherish. Sharing a token of fondness with each other comes naturally but don’t forget the others who matter to you dearly. Parents, siblings, close friends or relatives: for anyone who’s close will be on their toes on your D Day and a special note of appreciation will be cherished forever!

Celebrate often

Celebrate for your wedding

Whether you’re the bride or the groom, the last few days before your wedding mark a period of several first’s and various last’s. Celebrate each moment as it comes along. Celebrate the joys and smile through the tears as you look forward to your D Day.

Enjoy every moment of the ritual as each comes along and smile wise until the smile reaches your eyes!