Men’s Accessories for Ethnic Wear

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Gone are the days when accessories were restricted to women. Men’s sections in various designer stores boast of accessories because dapper is always in the detail!

Kundan and Mina Broach: Perfect match with your Bandhgala and best teamed with your lady love’s jewelry because perfect pairs match beyond just their clothes!

Karma Loop Broach: This sterling silver piece studded with red and black stones is a unique accessory from the label Woman Ambassadors. The embedded message is strong and you can flaunt it if you stand for it.
Karma Loop Broach
Pocket Square
: Don’t restrict a dash of colour in your pockets for your blazers and coats. A subtle jacket paired with this pop of colour by The Yarn Story will make you stand out in a crowd for sure.
Pocket Square
Muffled but Macho
: Bring out your best ethnic jacket and put on this paisley printed silk and merino wool muffler to make it look dressier by the day. Silkwaves offers more such patterns and colours on our website at the Wedding Store.
Mens Scarf
Buttoned for Boys
: When you’re dressing up, you’ve got to get down to the details. This piece of exquisite mastery from Indian Bow Tie Company is the perfect example of how you can focus on the smallest elements to bring out the best in you. This Jodhpur Coat of Arms buttons comes complete in a set of 13 buttons, ready to be sewed on the front lapel and cuffs of your achkans, sherwanis or Bandhgalas.
Cufflinks: Though cufflinks are known to be paired most frequently with shirts, you can break the beaten path and have your achkan cuffs tailored to fit on cufflinks for an important occasion. When choosing cufflinks to pair with your ethnic wear, be sure to choose a design that is more traditional such as this piece by Gauri that drips of a royal charm with the ginni in the center, studded with American diamonds all around.

Put on your ethnic wear and spend some time with the details. Beware because sometimes, the detail is in the tailoring so you might want to think ahead for this one!