Five off-beat wedding outfits

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It’s essential to find a color palette for your wedding. More than the obvious coordination, it helps you narrow down the choice of outfits and jewelry, and plan a bit easier. But gone are the days where brides would be dressed only in red, the modern has met the contemporary. Designs are revamped every year and the original definition of a shaadi or a reception outfit has completely undergone a massive revamp. What does that mean for you? More choice of course! More colors to mash together, designs, textures, patterns – you name it. So we got you a list of 5 outfits, which are definitely a cut above the rest and could serve as inspiration for your next ensemble! Be dressed to kill

1) Frill-fully Happy – Payal Singhal This stylish designer is best known to give a chic turn to every wedding. Her lehengas are one of a kind and these frills are no less. Notice that each frill is separate and organized well to give it a look of a mermaid. The colors are just meant to be together and
it can serve as a cracker of a reception outfit. All eyes will be on you!



2) Regal Elegance – Ali Xeeshan Would you just look at that! That work, the design the karigari- all come together to form a wedding ensemble like no other. Right from the motif to the cut, this is a customized dream come true. Completely leaving behind the old, this puts a fresh coat of paint to the traditional and is just beautiful



3) The Chic Spot –Rina Dhaka Nothing speaks more than saree! It’s the perfect wedding statement and doesn’t necessarily have to be all shiny and full of gold. Embrace layered pattern as seen in this saree and the combination of nude colors. Get an all out blouse done and you will be getting second looks – all through the festivities.



4) Simplicity by Payal Singhal We just can’t get enough of her! Simplicity at its best is the definition of this lehenga. It may look simple, but it will strike a serious chord in your shaadi. Sometimes less is more! But if you would want to jazz it up, chunky jewelry is the way to go!



5) Waist madness by Raghvendra Rathore A jacket or waist –coat is not a natural choice for most brides, but if you want to make a style statement- then this is yet. Although the color combo of red and blue is eternal, the intricate work adds a brand new twist to this love story!



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