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Dia Mirza’s Intimate Wedding Decor

Dia Mirza tied the knot with Vaibhav Rekhi in a private ceremony on 15 February 2021. The simple and soulful ceremony was held in her garden where Dia spent most of her mornings for the last 19 years. It was a close knit ceremony with a limited guest list of 60 people The micro wedding was highly personalized and curated, adhering to the privacy of the couple.

Being a connoisseur of eco friendly living, Dia wanted the decor to be sustainable without any usage of plastic. Therefore Aashna incorporated in the decor were cut glass candle holders used on the dining table and even on the trees, brass plates, jute fabric, different types of candles, diya jaalis to add glitter and lastly loads of flowers. With an extension of Dia’s personality Aashna handpicked brands and vendors that were homegrown and supported the ‘Made in India’ initiative. The flowers selected for the decor were all Indian hyperlocal flowers like mogra, rajnigandha and shevanti ladis. The wedding ceremony witnessed decor highlights with a few heart touching elements like the bells that were attached to the chairs for the guest to ring during Dia and Vaibhav’s pheras. There were personalized notes placed on the chairs for the guest to remind them of the important role they played in Dia & Vaibhav’s life.

Dia being an epitome of simplicity and elegance, the wedding was designed to reflect her taste. The wedding attire she selected depicted her love for nature, she wore a beautiful banarasi saree by Raw Mango and to compliment it she wore some beautiful mogra her hair.  Her bridal entry was planned just in line with persona. Dia made her sophisticated entry with her nephew and niece holding the fun signage – “Here comes your Bride” and a little girl holding a basket full of flower petals. 

Overall this close knit ceremony lit by the ashen skies with the surreal decor was nothing short of a symphony for the soul.

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