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With a star couple coming together earlier this month, news headlines are not without detail of a star studded wedding. As you flip through magazines, or scroll through social media feeds, you’ll notice that their wedding was carefully planned with minute attention to detail. If you’re looking to enjoy your own wedding or a wedding in the family in similar fashion, the hunt for a planner should be the first to-do on your list! 

Work Profile: Simply Googling for wedding planners in your city will not do the trick. Short list a few options from the internet and contact them to share their work profiles. Alternately, you could also browse through the profiles of the people behind the setup at the past few events you may have attended. References are a fantastic way of gaining momentum here!

Join the Dots: An Indian wedding specifically calls for a lot of professionals to come together. If there is a salon artist you blindly trust or a caterer you can vouch for or even a photographer who’s your best friend, sit them down and take their word for wedding planners they swear by. These are the people who have been in the thick of several wedding related (sometimes chaotic!) situations and their word goes beyond the looks offered in a picture perfect album profile.

Brainstorming for Ideas: When you’re selecting your potential wedding planner, check with them for ideas on specific instances. For example, asking for a few innovative ideas for mehendi décor would offer a good scale to measure uniqueness in the field. Also, be open to break away from the routine celebrations when engaging in such conversations.

Money Matters: A huge red flag is when the planner cannot offer a flexible budget and is rigid on allocation of figures. Discuss this in great detail before plunging into the contract, check for points of disagreement and disconnect. 

A perfect planner for your event can make all the difference to the event of a lifetime!



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