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Last Minute Holiday, New Years and Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of the year again! Friends, family, food, festivities and frolicking. Time to sit back and enjoy the warmth of a toasty bonfire, as you sip mulled wine in the company of your favorites. While fun and frolicking may be the best part of the season, we will unabashedly admit, that there is always something else that we look forward to every December: GIFTS! And sure, there have been countless times when we have made a mad scramble for last minute holiday gifts. After all, nobody likes to be in the spot where a friend picks out the most thoughtful surprise, while one shows up empty handed. Ouch. 

To save you that embarrassment, our curators have picked some exclusive gifts that will warm the hearts of your loved ones. Whether you’re playing Secret Santa, or simply looking for last minute Christmas gifts, check out our top picks below. All of these can be shipped across India within three days!

1.Tea boxes and Hampers

Add a touch of warmth, with some soothing tea. Available in flavors such as Long Island Green, Apple Spice Black, Saffron Kahwah, Hibiscus and Marigold, and starting at Rs 250, these will go extremely well with all kinds of desserts. Tea hampers are also available.

2.Rolling Decanter

This is the perfect gift for a wine lover, or anyone who likes to entertain. Cool and classy, this rolling decanter is sure to make wine look even better. Available for Rs 1,500.

3.Penguin Cocktail Shaker

With parties galore this season, who wouldn’t love this funky addition to their bar. This cocktail shaker is available for Rs 2,500

4.Penguin Ice Bucket

Pair it with the Cocktail Shaker, or just gift it standalone! Available at Rs 3,500.

5.Handcrafted Leather-bound Journal

For those who love writing, or simply putting down there thoughts, this is a handy and elegant leather bound journal. We suggest you encourage the recipient to put down their New Years’ resolutions on Page 1. Price: Rs 1,000

6.Cheese Platters

Place an assortment of cheddar, brie, parmesan and edam on one of these cheese platters, as a gift for the host of one of the holiday parties…. along with a bottle of Cabernet, maybe? Prices starting from Rs 2,500

7.Party Planner

For hosts who like to stay organized, this party planner is an excellent gift! Available for Rs 325.

8.Moscow Mule Shot Mugs

The classic copper Moscow Mule shot mug is sure to be a hit at any Chistmas and Holiday do! Available for Rs 790.

9.Printed Silk Scarves

Don’t you just love the colors and prints on these scarves?! Delight a friend with one of these, for only Rs 1750.

11.Silk Pocket Squares and Pocket Rounds

Bright colors, great prints. ‘Nuff said! Available for Rs 1,000

12. Spa Kit

Treat a friend to an indulgent experience with a rejuvenating spa kit. Available for Rs 950

13. Fragrant Candles

Could one be more christmas-y? These beautiful wax candles are available in various fragrances: vanilla, frangipani, cinnamon and more. Available for Rs 865

Now that there are twelve more reasons to feel happy this season, sit back and enjoy, drop us a line, and let Santa’s elves help you with your last minute gifts. We wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and a wonderful New Year.



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