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Planing a Retro Wedding

Every wedding celebration needs a theme. A theme ties the events in a close knit and sets the tone for every part of the celebration. The décor, menu, attire and setup is arranged in tandem and the results of careful planning show when the entire arrangement is coordinated and in sync through out!

If you’re looking to plan a retro wedding this season, we’ve got advice and easy pointers pouring in!

Photo booth: A photo booth has become common place at every wedding. Whether it is sangeet night or a cocktail party or the time of the reception dinner, a photo booth always finds its cozy corner. With props galore and shutterbugs clicking every second, sometimes the photo booth sees guests standing by to wait for their chance for a few minutes in the limelight. A retro wedding photo booth is picture perfect with vinyl records hanging loosely in the background, fairy lights and an accent chair in a pastel shade. For the perfect retro touch, ditch the DSLR and assign a photographer who uses a Polaroid camera and prints out copies instantaneously!

Décor: While flowers and lights are the essential ingredients for wedding décor, a retro wedding is complete with fairy lights at the right corners. If you’re thinking of setting up a guest book by the reception stage, replace the typical book of comments and advice with a typewriter! Let the guests take their turns in typing their advice for the newly weds!

Invites: For the truest retro feels, keep everything about the wedding in sync with the theme and the invitation cards shouldn’t be left behind! If you truly want to go off the beaten road, prints on vinyl records are cute and if a mini (dummy) gramophone can hold those sweet goodies, it’ll be a delight to die for! If the to-be weds have childhood pictures that carry the charm of the old world fashion, ping them too for fun!

Food and Bar Spread: The food spread at a wedding is something to look forward to, by a large group of guests and close friends too! If you’ve attended too many weddings in the past, you’ll know that the menu for every season is predictable and not much experimentation goes into this. You can break the record by picking out a few dishes from the golden era and pump up the buffet spread with dishes that carry a nostalgic charm! If you’re keeping an open bar, a lot of cocktails on the menu can be retro too!



Plan the smallest details in advance so that on the day of the event, you can enjoy every
moment with all the people you love!


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