Urban Tweeter Glass- Yellow (Set Of 2)


Urban Tweeter Glass- Yellow (Set Of 2)

Designer/Brand: Rayden Product Code: RA3HO0001MHUTGLYL Categories: ,

The Urban Tweeter series is an exercise in abstraction, inspired by the new-found habitat of birds in the city high-rises. At the same time, it is also a comment on our new social construct, where we tweet instead of actually meeting, poke instead of actually embracing. The products invite us to chatter over a pitcher of sangria or a cup of tea. They are intended to be conversation starters, and perhaps even an excuse to call your friends over! Handcrafted in ceramic & natural wood, the Urban Tweeters have inspired people around the world. Pick yours and settle down to a nice tte-ˆ-tte with your pal.

Additional information
Accessibility Ready to ship
Care Not microwave safe, not dishwasher safe. Wash with mild detergent
Delivery and Return Delivery within 10 days
Material Stoneware + Hard Wood
Shipping Policy Free Shipping within India
Colour Yellow
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