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Unique wedding themes that you have never seen

Unique wedding themes that you have never seen Keywords- wedding themes, wedding app, wedding planning, wedding help Weddings are perfectly crafted celebrations that can be made even more perfect when set around a theme. Wedding themes add a unifying trend across all aspects involved. The resultant experience is one to remember and cherish forever! 

While colour coordinated themes and floral ideas are common off late; the curators at Shaadilogy came up with a handful of ideas to offer wedding help, that can make your family event stand out in more ways than one! 

Picture Perfect: If either the bride or the groom is deeply interested in photography and likes to capture moments in the form of pictures, the polaroid theme could be an integral part of your wedding planning. Polaroid prints of childhood memories can be incorporated in the wedding décor. The buffet spread can include polaroid stickers that announce each dish name. Further, a photo booth counter with polaroid prints will bring around the element of instant fun instead of waiting for the pictures to come until months later!

Blockbuster: The Wedding Store on our Shaadilogy wedding app offers a lot of options in the apparel category, some of these designs are borrowed from dreamy film sets. If you’re a movie freak and know a film which defines your story, your wedding theme could be set around the film itself! The scenes from the movies, the poses from the actors will be beyond inspirational! Songs from the movie can feature in your sangeet night performances as well as the baarat entry before the groom sweeps the bride off her feet! 

Vintage: For those who are old school and are looking for wedding themes to choose from, the vintage or antique ideas will not leave you dry. Wax seals to adorn the invites, dream catchers to dangle against the wind amidst the décor fabric and flora, vintage cars for the vidayi are key elements of this theme. If the bride or the groom choose to wear the same, or a replica of, either parents’ wedding attire; the vintage theme graduates a step further. Choosing the vintage theme is like marrying heritage trends with contemporary ideas.

City Layout: If a city is dear to you, you could incorporate it in your wedding planning. The décor and ambiance of your wedding venue can be set around the city’s layout and style. While the cobbled streets of Europe might be tough to replicate, backdrops of a famous bridge with the perfect lighting, can do the trick. The dinner layout can be concentrated on the specialties of the city’s cuisine. When choosing a city of your choice, don’t scout the atlas only in the west if you’d choose to accredit your Indian hometown as a city of your choice! 


Themes tie the celebration together if you’re keen to keep the celebrations and preparations, a class apart!

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