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What to wear in the upcoming wedding season?

Wedding dress is the key feature whether you’re attending a wedding, hosting one or getting married yourself. It’s an important day for those getting married themselves, close family and friends in attendance also rise up to the moment and take it upon themselves to make the event a perfect celebratory matter. 

You can browse through the Shaadilogy wedding dress store for the perfect wedding help from the best wedding dress designers in the field. Our wedding store has a lot to offer but here are a few ideas on the outset. 

Bride: If you’re the bride, the options are a handful as you choose between a saree or a lehenga, typically. Some brides are going off the beaten path and experimenting with flared gowns, too. While shades of red and pink look prettiest on the bride, some traditions also include green and orange while the latest trends sift in with hues of coral, indigo and lavender sometimes. 

Groom: Virat Kohli cut out a sharp, suave groom image in everyone’s mind and the list of choices for grooms in toe range from angrakhas and sherwanis to suits, though the latter is least opted for. While the colours are usually chosen to match the bride’s outfit, sometimes the embroidery on the groom’s attire is selected in line with that of the bride. 

Family of the bride: If you’re from the bride’s family, choose light colours to tailor your outfit. You can accent these shades with a velvet shawl, a peppy stole or even bold shoes. As you bid adieu to your family girl, the soft tones will stand out in the crowd. 

Family of the groom: Being from the groom’s side, bright colours are in fashion. Whether selecting your saree, suit or kurta pyjamas; choose styles and shades that have a bright touch to it. 

Female Guests: If you’re attending a wedding, the latest trend suggestions from wedding dress designers include a contemporary dress. Differing shoulder patterns are in trend and can add the necessary frill to your outfit. 

Male Guests: Starting from the quirky dhoti pants to the traditional kurta pyjamas, a man’s wardrobe is simple. For those aiming to put on some added quirk, funky shirts paired with trousers or jeans are also available at the most fashionable wedding dress stores.

If you’ve got the invite to an upcoming wedding, its time you start browsing through that wardrobe to pull out the most perfect getup for D Day! 

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